Day/Jour 27


It was a really sunny day, hopefully for us! We got up at 6am to leave the house at 7am, so we could get fast passes at Disneysea. And this is the first time we experienced rushing hours! Everyone was pushing to get in the train omg!!! And I’m still wondering how come we went to Disneysea a weekday but there was so many school students there? I thought they started school on the 7th of April XD but anyway, we arrived there at 8:50 or something like that so the doors were still closed. And the queues were huge! But when it opened, we didn’t wait long to get in the park. It was really surprising. We then rushed to the famous attraction Journey to the center of the Earth. We first wanted to get fast pass but the waiting time was only 5 minutes! So we get in the queue XD we really were lucky xD and the attraction is really well made! But well, it’s not really a roller coaster, more of a discovery then just a little surprising fall but nothing more. But I really enjoyed the attraction for the animations inside the attraction ^__^ We then went to the next famous one: Tower of Terror. The waiting time was 40-60minutes XD but we didn’t really “wait”. The queue was moving fast and there were so many things to see and so many details on the decorations that we didn’t see the time passing. Also there is some “introduction” in japanese to get you in the atmosphere. So it was really entertaining. The attraction in itself isn’t really fast or anything and Dave couldn’t really feel anything from it. But we got a nice view on top ahahhaha. Also, something that really surprised us is that all the attractions don’t have any luggage lockers. So we had to keep our stuff with us. Maybe that’s the reason why there is no high speed roller coaster. We then went for Raging Spirits, a 360┬░loop roller coaster. Well, kind of. I’m used to more speedy one so this one didn’t really impressed me and the 360┬░ was really a small one ahahhaha. Nothing beats the Steel Dragon 2000 from Nagashima resort XD
Dave’s friend then joined us at that time and since she isn’t really a roller coaster kind of girl, we just did some small attraction. Well, every attraction were not really speedy ones so … We also discovered that Japan has so many different flavors of popcorn!!! In Belgium, we only have sugar or salt ones… so we tried in Disneysea some curry popcorn! Ahahahha Dave was in the 7th heaven XD it was spicy and too salty though. Then we discovered the best popcorn ever: caramel!!! Omg I bought three boxes that day XD. At 1pm, we moved to the parade. It was really nice and everyone was really mesmerized by the attires. But even though the day waw sunny, it was kind of cold so we took a break in a cafe. And I ate a cheesecake. Yeah, well, those who knows me know that I don’t like cheesecake but this one was good because it was more of a simple cake than a cheesecake ahahahhaaa. We then went for other attractions like Stormrider and ToyStory Mania but the sun was already setting when we did Stormrider. So we just went shopping and I bought a Little Green Men patterned pants for my brother and same pattern but on a card case for me so I can put my transportation card on me for more easy access xD
We then waited quietly for the finale animation: parade, fireworks etc at night! It was a blast!!! Have I told you it was my first time in a Disney park? Well, the real first time was when I was 1y/o so it doesn’t count… but I was sooooo mesmerized by the show! Sooo good! With real flames, a giant dragon, a lot of water animation,… it will be my most beautiful memory of that day *–* it made me want to rewatch some Disney movies ahahaaha XD
After the show, we waited again for other fireworks. It was really cool but it was really getting colder and colder. So after it finished, everyone rushed to the train XD
We got home at 22! It was really a long day but surprisingly, I was less tired than when we got 4-6hours visiting and sightseeing Kyoto XD