Day/Jour 28


Went to Harajuku to meet with another friend of Dave! This time we did all the Takeshita street ahahhaha so many crepes shop!! And clothing shops of course. We didn’t really stopped at any shops, Dave’s friend knew a good restaurant a little further so we went there. After eating, we went back to get a crepe and it was good! We then headed to Nakano Broadway, a real gem for any otaku. Unfortunately, Dave’s friend couldn’t stay long with us because she had work so she left us there. Dave finally found Archer’s figurine by Good Smile Company! After hours of looking for it in Akihabara, we found it at Nakano XD
I think Nakano Broadway is better than Akihabara when it comes to location. Every figurine shops are in one big mall so it’s easy to find. In Akihabara, you really have to know the place to find one specific item and you can easily get lost too! So for figurines, I’d recommend Nakano Broadway ^__^



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