Day/Jour 25-26


Day 25
Didn’t do much, Dave didn’t want to go out and he just wanted to lay in bed. So I went out alone at Harajuku, at the 4stories Daiso. I spent money there for a friend who wanted shikishi xD I was too lazy and too packed to go to Sekaido… and I also found some nice souvenirs for my family ^__^ Then I went back home and we both went for a curry again. We wanted to try a new shop: Go Go Curry! It was good but I still prefer CocoIchiban curry. We were at Shibuya and we saw a Mandarake, anime shop with a variety of goodies, and stopped there a bit to look around… and left with figurines XD


Day 26
We went to Asakusa for the Hana matsuri but it was pouring rain and so cold! Like 3°C… Π_Π they gave some free orchids and sweet tea. But we really didn’t stay long, so cold! But we tried kaitensushi that day ^__^


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