Day/Jour 24


It was a nice day and we attended an event at Zozoji temple. There was different ceremonies like the Lion dance, walkshow of different monks with singing, a prayer from a high priest,… it was interesting but too long and since I don’t understand it we didn’t stay long. We then went to the Tokyo tower that was really close by to enter the One Piece attraction. We had bought our tickets some days ago at a 7-eleven at 3000¥/pers instead of 3200¥ at the attraction’s counter. We had to choose an hour to enter the attraction though so we chose 16-18h… and we shouldn’t have bought in advance. Once we arrived, everyone who has bought in advance has to wait in line to enter at 16… well more like 16:15 for us since we had to go exchange our tickets for another qr ticket at the counter… we saw people buying their on-the-same-day ticket at the machine and they didn’t have to get on any queue at all… so my advice is to pay those 200¥ more and avoid the queue and enjoying the attraction with less people. So when we finally went in, there was some kind of exposition with One Piece pages and some lighting. The attraction were a bit disappointing. Well, it was aimed for kids but as a fan, I thought there would be more entertaining. The Chopper attraction wasn’t good, it was all in japanese and we don’t really understand what was going on. The interior of the ship was well reproduced though. Then we went to an horror mansion with Brook. But not really horror-like XD I just got surprised when some wind came from nowhere…  and there was a big figurine, lifesized I think, of Perona. Really well made but the attraction in itself isn’t worth it. We entered then the Zoro attraction but omg… the queue… almost waited 30-40min… and only for 5 min of sword swinging… and I really hoped they made some english explanation…. Π_Π We then did Usop’s game, a shooting one. The wait wasn’t long and it was fun. Even if I’m really bad at aiming XD after that, we didn’t have much to do since the Robin’s quest was a 30min long and I think it was all in japanese so not really interesting for us. Also, the Nami’s was too crowded! So we gave up since we didn’t have that much time, we had a meeting on the evening. So we left Tokyo Tower (Mugiwara shop didn’t got as many goodies I’d like… was searching for tees but none was worth enough to pay these high prices). We headed then for Asakusa to meet Dave’s friend. We ate Yakiniku! First time ever and the meat were so good!


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