Day/Jour 23


Special festival today: fertility festival, or Kanamara Matsuri that can be translated by the iron penis festival XD We went to the temple early but it was already super crowded… and we weren’t lucky at all since it poured rain all day long… The temple had many stalls with penis or vagina shapped stuff like a whistle penis shape xD and there were lot of people cosplaying as a penis too… but since it was really crowded and I couldn’t see anything because I’m short and there were so many umbrellas, we went to Akihabara.
We went to Maidreamin, a really famous maid cafe. Dave went there on his first trip to Japan but apparently it wasn’t called Maidreamin and it has changed a lot since there. I took an bear-shaped omurice and he took the curry, as usual ahahaa xD they’re really playing the maid at the maximum, they put some animal headband on us and then they asked us to mimic some moves to make our dish more delicious. Like “oishii moe moe kyuuuun~~” while forming a heart with our hands. It’s really a nice experience but really expensive so I won’t recommend going there often. We got lucky too because we could attend to a live show from one of the maid. She waw dancing and singing and we noticed a customer mimicing the moves like her XD really synchronized! He must be a loyal customer xD
After that little show, we finished our dish and asked to get a picture with one of the maid. It was counted on the price when you take a debut set (Dave took it).
Then it was time for Akiba shopping! We went to lot of figurines shops and Dave spent so much XD As for me, I found a beautiful Tony Tony Chopper *–*



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