Day/Jour 22


We met Dave’s friends early in the morning at the Okayama station, 10min walk from our accomodation. Waki and his boyfriend met David in Belgium and he showed them around so this time, it was their turn to show us around Tokyo eheheheh ^__^
We first went to Tsukiji market, a really well-known fish market where a lot of auctions are happening every morning for the restaurants. It’s happening reallyyyy early so we couldn’t attend the auctions. The market smells fishy (ahahha i’m so funny) and there is an inner market aimed for professionals then an outside market for tourist. Waki recommended us a good tea seller and it was really good! With only 300gr, you can last really long XD then we went to eat some fish: otoro and tuna! The otoro is the fatty part of the tuna and its color is lighter, pinkish. We got a set at 2000¥ that we ate together, the four of us. I really liked the otoro, more than the tuna. I’m not especially fond of tuna but the otoro is so different and we ate it raw so we could really taste the otoro. After that, we went to take the tea at a tea house recommended by the tea seller. On our way to the tea house, we stopped at a temple, that I can’t remember the name, but it was really big and the outside is really different from the traditionnal temples we’ve seen. There was a funeral so we didn’t stay long in there. When we arrived at the tea house, we first paid 500¥ each then went upstairs. I first thought it was an entrance fee but it was actually the price for two cups of tea and a wagashi, a japanese sweet. The shop doesn’t make any profit, apparently, the sweet in itself cost already 300¥!
After a relaxing moment a the teahouse, we went to eat at a sukiyaki restaurant in a really traditionnal room. We ate on tatami and omg, I had to change position every 10min xD my legs were itchy XD I really do have bad blood circulation Π_Π the waitresses were in kimono and the service was really traditionnal. We had to remove our shoes, take slippers, remove them when we entered the tatami room… that restaurant offered a sukiyaki lunch set (side dishes, dessert, rice, miso soup and the sukiyaki pot) at 1500¥. The usual price at night goes up to ten times the lunch price!!!! Crazy, right? I couldn’t even finish my plate, it was too much and my belly was going to explode XD
We then went to Edo Museum, a really nice museum that has reproduced a small part of a village from the Edo era. It was really well made. And informative too since there is lot of guides there that can also speak english. We could enter the houses and they will explain to us the whys and hows of some tools. We then went to Shibuya and she showed me the Hachiko shop that we couldn’t find before lol. We then went to Meguro river again and this time for the night time and waouh! This is really different than when we went there at day time. So lively and with so many food and alcohol stands! We ate a oden snack near the canal and we seated like yankees ahahahahahah. It was then time to go to the sushi bar Waki, Dave’s friend, always goes to. It was a small restaurant but really nice sushi and decorations! The big difference in the sushi making from Belgium and here is that they put wasabi between the rice and the fish in Japan. We don’t in Belgium so Dave and I weren’t used to eating so much wasabi! We were crying at every bite XD


Coming soon.


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